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Default windscreen seal

Many thanks
I contacted Bristol Cars and they have many of the seals in stock.

In fact they are bringing in many more parts which for many years have been in long term storage so the variety of parts is greatly increasing.

I am restoring the 401 from scratch - can you tell me whether the wooden batten at the bottom of the screen is the only wooden part around the windscreen?


Originally Posted by Geoff Kingston View Post
Bristol Cars will probably have these, if not try BODA they have had screen seals made for several of the cars.
Originally Posted by Bristolian View Post
Yes, we can get these - it is a 2 part seal. There is an internal and an external strip. Ensure when fitting these that the gutter and scavenger tubes have been cleaned out. Bristol Cars, in their usual belt and braces approach, fitted gutters and scavenger tubes in the unlikely event that the screen leaked through the seals. The tubes exited any water vertically to outside the car. After all these years, many of these tubes have rotted off with unseen corrosion taking place. Hope you find this useful. John Lawley
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