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Default Identifying Photos

As a general suggestion, not specific to this Bristol site, using embedded metadata is the best (and long-term) method to identify digital photos - and other digital documents, such as PDFs.

I've been using the ExifTool and ExifToolGUI, but many other software tools can do this. Using Picasa captions and geo-location tags actually creates two embedded metadata categories, though not quite correctly IMHO.

I've written about these techniques on several pages in the website Table of Contents.

One surprising feature of the ExifTool is the ability to "read" metadata from an entire directory/folder of photos into an Excel file (CSV), fill in missing data in Excel and then write it back to all the photos. Tricky, but it works.

Once you have photos with metadata, some collection management and/or digital library systems will use the metadata to classify the photos in standard categories. Identify once! No further data input needed!

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