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Bristol 603 Series 2. . Door inner panels

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Old 10-01-21, 08:22 AM
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Default Bristol 603 Series 2. . Door inner panels

I need to remove the door inner panels to adjust the window frame height. How is it done? The top roll could come outwards or upwards but which? What sort of fasteners are used? Any advise welcome.
Peter Hoskin
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Old 10-01-21, 02:39 PM
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Comes out vertically, just held with spring clips.
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Old 11-01-21, 12:57 AM
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Some years since I did this so a bit hazy but the staring point is to remove the arm rest, it memory serves me right this is screwed into the door, to remove it I cant remember if the screws are accessed from underneath or from behind the courtesy light fittings. You will also need to remove and unplug the window switches, once this is done the lower part of the door panel can be carefully pulled off but before you do this my advice would be to carefully drill it and the door to accept screws and cup washers to refix it as clips break or pull out of the backing panel which can make getting it back on tricky, again from memory the top roll has a couple of tabs on the bottom which might be retained by screws but does lift off easily.
Also lift out the ashtray insert as there may be some screws behind that, get some proper trim removal tools as they are far kinder on the clips.
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