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Default Wanted: shabby 410!

Hello all,

I've been seduced by the idiosyncrasies of Bristol Cars and am now seriously considering a V8. Ideally a 410, although an early 411 appeals almost as much, needs to be pre-73 though. I've got previous with classic cars, and nothing really frightens me except interior trim. Condition is not really important, and I would consider a project, but not a total basket case. My preference would be for an honest car from a private seller, that I could use and improve. No concourse winners please; I want to enjoy it for family trips and commuting in fair weather. Any help, or leads to uniting me with such a conveyance would be gratefully received.

As a secondary request, I notice there are two main UK Bristol clubs - are there distinct differences in ethos between them please? If so what are they and which would you recommend?

Many thanks, Roger.
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