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Originally Posted by AlanD View Post
Dale, in the unlikely event I do come across some information I will certainly pass it on.

One possible source of information may be the vehicle licensing authority in the UK, not sure what it is called. I have seen info on other car forums where a search has been done on the internet to reveal how many of a certain type/model of car, is registered in the UK. I would not know where to start on this myself.


The howmanyleft site is merely misleading and of no use whatsoever. Two of my cars are very rare indeed, and I know of many more examples or each than are on that site, let alone the ones I don't know about. One of these cars is an early Morris Oxford estate, so no possible excuse for listing it incorrectly. Test it for a Bristol model by merely using Google Images for a search: you will count more running, UK licensed Bristol 408's in the top two lines than this site reports exist.
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