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Default Bristol Ace restoration help

Hello , My name is James and i am in Richmond Va. Usa . I weld and restore cars of all types and i am currently working on a a 1961 Ace . I found this forum and was looking for some help with my project . This car was raced for years then someone tried to make a cobra out of it so it has been cut up pretty bad . I have done most of the metal restoration but it was missing the gas tank and i cannot find one or a good picture of one or measurements . Here are some pictures . the car is mostly fixed now it just needs to be painted . you can see the trunk was cut up to put a fuel cell in it but i have fixed all of that . I am stuck now on the gas tank . no one sells them that i know of in the USA or has a drawing so i could make one .
DSC00637 fixed.jpg

DSC00828 fixed.jpg

DSC00816 fixed.jpg

Thanks for any help James
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