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Default Bristol needing a drivetrain -

I just purchased a rolling shell of a '56 Bristol 405, sans engine, gearbox, interior, dash, steering wheel, bootlid, front & rear windshields, also left side door glass frames (chrome metal) and probably many more items I haven't even seen yet as I haven't seen what I bought except thru a few photos. Seems that the car was scavenged for parts for other Bristols, but the ally body looks to be in decent shape, and I'm hoping the thin gauge steel chassis isn't a rotbucket. Will find out next week with a visit to it to see what is in the 'grab bag' and figure out how to haul it home when it looks like only the rear wheels are correct, while fronts are unknown.....
Would appreciate any leads for parts to ascertain if it's even possible to restore this car, and your triumph engine/gearbox sounds like a possibility - do you know if it would fit a 405? I realize shipping would be very costly, but I'd like to think the time saved vs sourcing the parts myself might make it worth it. What are you asking for it, and could you email me some photos? I can be reached directly at

Ken Nelson
Palo Alto California
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