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The M Benz in the 90's were mostly 6 in x 15in but had different offset between the different models .
Each wheel is stamped with the offset near the stud holes.
ET 31 fitted C180/220/280
ET 49 190E
ET 40 w124 220/280 1994 onwards

I understand the ET 31 are the best fit on a 401/3 but best to try before you buy , check clearance of the tyres with the wheel arch on full lock .
Also check clearance of the steering knuckle to the rim on full lock .

If you make and fit a few hubcap fixing pins the wheels with hubcaps look very similar to the Standard 4.5 x 16 Bristol wheels ,
maybe at parking speed it will be heavier than original .
The other consideration is the overall diameter of the 15 in tyre will be smaller than original

There is now a good selection of 185 x 16 tyres available now , especially in UK , why bother fitting 15 inch wheels

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