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Bad luck Kevin, but like others have suggested, on my 408s and my 412 I found that even with copious amounts of Copaslip the nuts were always a pretty tight fit on the studs and could imagine that a torque-sensitive gun could come to the wrong conclusion.

I do remember assisting a friend with removing the steel wheels from his 406 and discovering that someone had so over-tightened them there were fatigue cracks emanating from the holes.

Originally Posted by rubbond View Post
I drove into Matford Land Rover to buy 3 new wheel nuts.
They were about 11 GBP, excl. VAT, each! The people there were very
From my memory of some years ago when I lived at Haytor Vale, the Matford people were helpful, but the nice people at Brookwells, Pottery Road, Bovey Tracey will do you a set of five for under 30. Incidentally, the steel ones for Series 2, 2A, & 3 are 60 pence each!

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