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Default unbelievable - 411 driven for first time in 9 years

Hi guys. I'm Frank. Didn't fit in. Left home. Now use Tele2. This is my
Actually mine is worse!
2 years ago I picked up my Range Rover from my trusted local garage after a
service and drove it 5 miles home.
The next morning after 20 miles on the motorway the car started to shake and
got worse as I slowed down to take the nearest exit.
Walked around the car and saw nothing wrong.
When the equivalent of the AA arrived, I drove slowly forward on his
instructions and as he looked the front left wheel almost fell off.
4 of the 5 wheel nuts were missing, only one just hanging on the end of the
This is when I learned in an emergency to pinch nuts from the other three
wheels just to get home.
The owner of the garage was very apologetic, admitted his blame, and stood
the cost of the new nuts. I had never experienced this before. I mean the
A year later, I had new brake pads fitted to my wife's Discovery at the same
garage. After 2 miles she told me there was a strange vibration. This was in
itself unique. Women don't notice these things, at least if the radio is
still working, let alone report them. Normally she would just have dumped it
and taken another car, just as she would when the fuel is about to run out.
(This is not a racist comment - all women do this).
I know I should give her a bigger allowance.
On this occasion however, I was able to hand-tighten (yes, I mean litterally
with my fingers!) the remaining wheel nuts to drive back to the garage
before the wheel fell off. This time there was just no extra charge.
You've guessed it, I don't use this this garage any more. Actually they
dumped me, because I didn't pay their last bill.
But blow me, after driving 800 miles last year after another major service
on our other Discovery, with no problems on the motorways all the way to the
West Country in England, after 2 miles back up from our cottage in Devon,
one front wheel again almost fell off , this time with 3 nuts missing!
Having spent an extra night there with no help from the AA, (they couldn't
find Devon) the next morning the local garage refused to do the same trick
(i.e. switching nuts) for liability reasons (!!!) but I was able to borrow
their wheel wrench to switch them around myself. (Yes, our wheel wrench was
missing. Always check the tool kit when buying a second hand car).
Arriving in Exeter, I drove into Matford Land Rover to buy 3 new wheel nuts.
They were about 11 GBP, excl. VAT, each! The people there were very
helpfull, even fitting them for free, but at that price my initial thoughts
that maybe Land Rover's stainless steel nuts might just get loose because
they don't rust, or that the garages might be at fault, changed into the
idea that the nuts were simply so expensive that thieves might be trying to
nick back the wheel nuts they lost the night before.
As Land Rover dealers are so few and far between, this is plausible, isn't
Yesterday I lost another one (well, at least the false cap on the one that
should be thief-proof).
Strange, because without the special tool, you can't remove this cap.
Is this just Land Rover?
PS. To finish this story. To tighten a wheel nut, normally you just take the
longest wrench you have and give it all you can. That should do it. They
only fall off if all the nuts are loose.
Best regards,
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