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The clue is in the word "pattern". My (serious) suggestion was to consider using 3D printing to make a pattern of the needed part in plastic, not the part itself. Then use this in a mould to cast the part in iron or aluminium, using the lost wax process. Must be vastly cheaper than constructing a pattern using traditional processes.

The Jag 2.4 is a straight 6 in the XK series. Fine design for its time, long stroke, a bit limp compared with its 3.4 and 3.8 litre brethren. You may be thinking of the small V8 that Jaguar fitted in the 250 and Dart. Nice, compact, but I think you may be right that it might be a bit tricky to slip into a Bristol. But maybe it's been done.

Selling off the original Bristol engine and replacing it with another unit sounds sacrilegious to me. But if it must be done, why not emulate AC, and slip in a 2.6 litre six cylinder Ford unit from a Zodiac. It's what they did with the later editions of the Ace and Aceca. So not that awful, and there is a distinguished precedent.
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