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Originally Posted by Jonathan Lingham View Post
Might this new fangled 3D printing provide a cost effective way for fabricating patterns for heads and blocks?
I don't think plastic blocks and heads would work very well

Originally Posted by James McClure View Post
I must admit that I've been thinking of selling the motor and gearbox from my 401. Then possibly installing a 2.4 Jag motor, which I have. Hopefully not much weight added, as the 2.4 is lighter than a 3.4, though I have no info as to how much less.
The Jag engine and manifolds would need to weigh roughly the same as the Bristol engine. Isn't the 2.4 a small V8? lovely engine but would it fit width wise?

Then the 401 would be driven more, with less chance of being stolen and gutted for a fake Ace, etc.
How does that work - would you have a sign on it saying "Not worth nicking cos it has a Jag engine" ?
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