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There is a market for a four-seater Bristol as long as it is based on the existing chassis and drivetrain of the Blenheim and keeping technical investment to a minimimum by profiting of Low Type Approval, which means no costly developments for ABS or airbags.

It should be like a new skin (possibly aligned to the Fighter styling cues) with a more aerodynamic bodywork and some ingenuous and cost-effective packaging solutions, aiming to recapture the existing customers who have been buying the proven Bristol formula of the past 40 years. Fighter is indeed aimed to a new clientele for Bristol, a bit like the Aero 8 has targeted a new audience for Morgan.

I do not think that the example of Bentley, where Volkswagen has exploited a big potential growing to a production of thousands per year, could apply to Bristol because in this case investment should be much larger and current climate does not help.

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