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Having been a fan of Bristol cars for over 30 years, I find the very fact that someone has spent the time thinking about and working on designs for the next generation of cars a positive thing.

I have one reservation, and nothing to do with the styling (Bristols have always been an aquired taste) is there a market for a four seater?

I know that Ferrari build one Porsche, Aston Martin and Lamborghini are proposing new models, but they serve a different market to the traditional Bristol four seaters.

If you look at the market today all of the tiny manufacturers make two seaters (Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini etc are all owned by multi-nationals) whereas Bristol now share a market with manufacturers such as Pagani, Keonigsegg, MacLaren, Spyker, Gumpert etc (Aston Martin's production figures now make them a relative mass producer).

If Bristol release a new model (the cost associated with designing a brand new car is enormous - a heard a figure of 40m for the Fighter's development) so developing a new car from scratch and making a profit on that sort of investment may be impossible with production figures being so low, whereas it could be based around the Fighters chassis, possibly a convertible...

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