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Originally Posted by Bryn Tirion View Post
Hi Ronald.... I am lucky enough to own one, a 408. I joined the forum thinking there'd be a lot of expertise here, and to add a modicum of my own acquired knowledge, but you indicate that this is a forum of transients, not owners?
If you took a little time to look around you will see that many of the members have been contributing to the discussions here for many years. Most of us own a Bristol or two and many have done for many years.

I am getting the impression that all the Bristols are indeed disappearing into private collections,
Bristols are no different from most other classic car marques. Yes, there are a few in private "collections", but the vast majority are owned by typical classic car enthusiasts. People who keep the car in their garage at home, maybe maintaining and restoring the car themselves, and driving them on sunny weekends.
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