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Default Arnolt mirror?

Originally Posted by Arnolt57 View Post
Actually, the entire dash board of the car pictured is not correct, or is a one off. The brow above the large instruments does not correspond to either a Bolide or a Deluxe. The three toggle switches above the instruments are added and do not appear on a normal Bolide or Deluxe. I can't tell if the base of the mirror is correct because I can't see the bolt pattern.

The car is obviously equipped with various options, including the remote shifter.

Jim McQuay
West linn, Oregon
This is a factory racing car, equipped with a "small racing windshield" probably for club racing as the team cars used normal windshields for races like Sebring.
The rest of the dash is normal bolide but the three toggle switches, identical to the ones in my own car 3140. Left one to activate either coil, the other two for the racing pit lights. About the mirror, all works cars had them as this one, the base is a diamond or triangle shaped with 3 or 4 fixing studs, the glass is pretty big and I suspect it was installed by the factory in IN, probably using an American supplied mirror manufacturer, but which one? Or which American car of the era used it?
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