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Thanks to a generous Bristol 400 owner , I now have a good set of original bumpers to create the tooling for the later 400 bumpers in stainless steel. I would guess that these will be available in around 10 to 12 weeks , following prototypes and trial fitting.

A reasonably good set of 405 bumpers would be a big help if anyone can spare them for tooling purposes ? -- corrosion is not a problem

Thanks again to all that have ordered / purchased bumpers so far and the encouraging comments regarding the high quality, looks and fit ( good to know the no compromise approach paid off ! ). The next batch will be delivered in around 7 weeks, so if anyone wants to reserve / order a set of new 400 to 603 S2 bumpers, please let me know as soon as possible.

So far , I have only had a couple of enquiries from the U.S.A. and one for Australasia -- I guess this could be down to the amount of salt thrown on the roads in the U.K. that the British government use to keep the car industry moving by destroying our cars ! :-)

I am also having some of the stainless steel coachwork / body strips re made for my 411 - let me know if anyone else needs some. Or if another source is available.

Many thanks

Greg Lowe
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