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Body off chassis?

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Old 14-08-23, 05:33 PM
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Default Body off chassis?

So Iíve just had a good poke at the project and I need to do major surgery to the sills etc (expected) but I was wondering does the body actually come off the chassis? Might be easier to take it all to bits and start overÖ.

If so are there stock sill parts available or shall I order up some sheet metal and get folding?

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Old 14-08-23, 06:18 PM
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A while back there were sill panels available from a club member but I don't think a new batch has been made so you will probably have to get some sheet metal and get folding. Some restorers have taken the body skin off the substructure to carry out repairs but its a major undertaking and often not necessary.
The link below should give you a good idea of how the repairs can be tackled which is very much what we did on my 401. When the time comes BODA will be able to supply the screen, door, side window and body to bumper rubbers, also reproduction badges and lots of other bits. Also speak to Graeme Payne at CBCPC to check what he can supply.

P.S. Just checked and this panel is still available on ebay, the seller has other bits and pieces for the 401/403 that could be useful.

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Old 14-08-23, 06:59 PM
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Thanks for this l t will be a useful reference
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Old 24-08-23, 07:33 PM
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Winter '22 Bodacious contains very good article by Barry Pound in Cornwall who has taken the body off his 403, having found what sounds like quite a lot of rust in the steel frame. He may have had no choice. I'm working very slowly on an old 401 (flared sills) and hoping I don't have to take the skin off, but in a goose's golden egg way there is always the temptation to want to inspect the steel which is folded away in the innocent-looking aluminium. There are certainly plenty of pitfalls in removal, and Barry, at his time of writing, was yet to undertake the very tricky re-attachment.
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