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Fuel tank

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Old 14-11-19, 03:13 PM
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Default Fuel tank

The fuel tank of our 402 leaks fuel. Is it possible to get some new or used in good condition? The bottom is corroded in a number of places and the metal is very thin and cannot be repaired. The tank is made of aluminum and the alternative is to make a new one in stainless steel.

Anyone have any good ideas?
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Old 14-11-19, 03:30 PM
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If you are in the UK it would be worth contacting Northern Radiators Ltd they offer a process called Fuel Tank RE-NU , the tank is thoroughly cleaned before a plastic lining is applied inside and out .
I have not used them myself but a friend of mine has on two tanks about 4 years ago and has been totally satisfied with the results, if the tank is very weak in a few area a specialist tank repair company could let in new sections and then Northern Radiator treat the tank for a belt and braces job.
Radiator Repair Northern Radiators Leeds NRG
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Old 14-11-19, 07:24 PM
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if you are in the UK (or even elsewhere!) try MD Restoration MD Restorations - Panels and Fabrication for Classic and Vintage Cars, Motorcycles and Commercials, they have recently made 2 complex petrol tanks for and are currently working on an SS100 body for me.

They are in Devon, but well worth the journey, look at their website to see the sort of work they do
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Old 14-11-19, 08:28 PM
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Some 25 jears ago I had the same problem with the petrol tank of my 403 , I just dubbelt the leaking part with aluminium , till now without any problem !
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Old 15-11-19, 11:46 AM
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I had a stainless steel tank made in Sussex about five years ago. It was very well made and epoxy coated. Guess it would cost about 1,000 nowdays
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