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Aerodyne value?

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Old 16-09-17, 10:05 AM
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Default Aerodyne value?

My old 403 has just lost its garage for the second time in recent years, I'm just North of London and property developers have been on the rampage for some time now thus finding another shelter is proving difficult, I'm keen to move from the area and need to shake off various possessions before they become burdensome, I have to consider shedding the 403 but am a little unsure of value, must admit that what it may fetch will influence my decision. Its a very original car that has been mechanically overhauled, taxed and insured, badly needs paint, so looks an utter rake, I suppose it will be considered a basket case in need of restoration. Does anyone have an idea of the going rate, or even what to set as an auction reserve? On trying to gauge by looking at the market, the only examples I see on sale currently are such extremes of stripped out shell remains or shiny perfection. Perhaps I have the last restoration candidate left.
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Old 25-09-17, 10:53 PM
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Hi Des,
Can't give you any advice without seeing the car or a lot of photographs with a full description and even then it might be a good day bad day view and of course what it would sell for at auction depends if anyone is actually around who wants to buy it on the day and how strong the competition is.
What I can tell you however is that one of the stripped out 401 bodyshells currently on the market on various sites from under to over 2000 was bought at Auction for 150 or thereabouts, how do I know because I was there. The other two wrecks offered with it at the sale were fit for spares only though you might have been able to make one viable proposition out of the two if you could do most/all of the work yourself. The whole lot sold for around 12k which for a package of spares was probably cheap. I followed the fate of the more complete cars on ebay which was interesting, as for the bodyshell I would not have wasted 150 on it!
Probably the best person to speak to who can give you an idea of what the car may sell for is Richard Hackett at SLJ Hackett who offers a brokerage service to owners, the telephone number is 01985 219551.

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