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400 direction indicator switch mechanism

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Old 03-01-14, 03:21 PM
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Default 400 direction indicator switch mechanism

Has anyone replaced or modified the turn indicator mechanism? My switch and wooden 'top hat' visible on the facia ledge are in perfect shape but the timer and 'click' switch hidden behind the facia and accessed from the engine compartment are worn and will not remain selected - they cancel after just a few seconds of operation.

I have in mind buying a new after market turn switch and modify it to replace the concealed timer and 'click' switch using the original shaft and switch as fitted and visible. I have really no need of the 10 second (?) timer aspect as I would actually prefer a 'positive' on on/off mechanism and I can modify various types but as there is a wealth of information out there, it is so much easier to copy someone else's efforts if they are kind enough to offer the 'new' switch makers name and part number.
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Old 03-01-14, 04:41 PM
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Those switches comes apart and you can adjust the friction for a longer dwell time.

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Old 05-01-14, 11:51 AM
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Late call but thank you Hydroglen and I may have to go that way if a more positive 'on/off' solution does not become obvious. It may be easier to adjust the original, as you suggest, than replace with a modern but unseen switch. We shall see.
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Old 06-01-14, 09:44 AM
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Hi Marcus

If you are not concerned about the self cancelling (timer) the switch can be replaced with a simple manual indicator

Holden Vintage have such a switch (part number 020.071 - manual indicator switch) it's a repro Lucas Item I think.

you will need to use your existing indicator lever, the extension shaft and the joints - these attach to the new switch shaft after you have removed the supplied indicator lever.

changeover is straightforward if somewhat fiddly - you will need to remove the existing switch by removing the binacle from the engine side.

PM me if you need more details


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Old 09-01-14, 11:08 AM
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Thank you Julian and your suggestion and advice my be the best option as I currently have the original 'tired' mechanism in bits on the bench and at least I now have the option of a positive 'on/off' switch as a long stop.

Many thanks

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