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Default Classic and Sports car- Jan or Feb issue

Happy New year to everyone.
I've been told that in Classics and Sports car magazine, February issue, there is a feature on every Bristol model in a big special feature, but on a visit to their website, the current issue, whose cover is "Sports cars for all seasons", comprises Top 10 Targas * Il Duce's 6C * Transporters * Trevor Fiore * Aurelias * Elva GT160 * Aston DB4-6 * Ford Pops * Marcos, but no mention Patchway's/Filton's finest are to be found apart from a very nice beaufighter between the featured cars
Could anyone shed some light on it? I have to be in Brussels the 27th and could hunt the february issue there, as in Spain is nowhere to be seen or found.

Maybe the special feature is scheduled for the march issue.

Besides, it seems impossible to get my hands on "octane" magazine, issue 95 (may 2011) featuring Tony Crook on the downfall of Bristol. I contacted the editor but told me that the issue was sold out and no back issues or reprints were available. I wonder if any of you had that issue for sale, or a reprint or a scan available

Thank you again an Cheers from Spain

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