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Default Spark caps

Well, I've been told that the 5000 ohm resistance is mainly to do with reducing radio interference. How true that is I don't know. I'm sure you can screw new copper core leads into the old bakelite caps, but mine don't fit very well onto the sparkplugs, which I hope is part of my misfire at speed (40 mph) problem.

I have renewed the distributor cap, rotor, condenser & points & plugs ... starts better, revs beautifully if standing (did before) but at about 40 mph chronic misfire, backfire, lack of power too.

On order are new copper core leads and 6 crimp on terminators plus 6 long black rubber tubes to go over the lead ends & crimps & hopefully grip the plugs too. I had the choice of 5000 ohm resistance or 0 resistance and chose the latter ... we will see.

The bakelite is period, but too ill fitting for my liking.
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