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Default Acceptable 4 series upgrades ? (401)

Days ago I acquired a beautiful 401 at an auction , but on the way home to Somerset ....

The original brakes are scary. Pulls up straight in time so I've ordered a single line remote brake servo ... acceptable?

Er, with grim brakes the lack of seatbelts was a bit scary. What to do? Aircraft style lap straps? Whats accepted please?

The semaphore indicators are pretty .... useless really. I've heard of people fitting indicators within the tiny rear light, any advice on doing the same much appreciated, and any ideas for the front indicators?

The rear view is pretty ... useless too. I couldn't possibly drill into the beautiful bodywork but would like rear view mirrors, I dread reversing it too. Is there a style of clip on mirror that is acceptable, something to fix to the rain channel perhaps?

Ignition ... had a terrible misfire. Got home & found that one of the 5000 ohm resistance bakelite plug caps was bouncing around beside the spark plug as it no longer had the push fit clip screwed into the cap. It would seem that the cap could be screwed directly to the top of the sparkplug (if its nipple was removed) but this seems tedious if secure. Before I try to source or make a new clip, any comments re using these type of caps in the first place? I saw on a Merc website that their 50's cars should have 0 or possibly 1000 ohm resistors only, so wonder if mine is OK with 5000 ohm?

Oh, the left hand wiper quickly stopped moving, is there a likely quick fix? The wipers manage to clap hands very nicely for a bit, but their ability to clear raindrops seemed rather poor really, and at night I'd have been terrified.

Its a lovely car & mustn't be spoiled, but equally I don't want to die just yet!

Thanks, Michael
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