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Originally Posted by Kevin H View Post
Does anyone know where you can get the black countersunk screws which are used to secure various bit of trim?
The screws you want are called 'cheese-head' or 'raised-head counter-sunk' screws.
I've used this firm with success in the past.
AHC, Tools Fixtures Fittings, UK Europe

If they don't have any more black'uns then paint chrome ones with matt black acrylic
paint and, when air-dry after an hour, put in a fan-assisted oven @ 100 degrees for
one hour.
(Seriously! -it hardens the paint nicely.)

Paint available here:
Citadel - The Army Painter - Spray Paints - Total Wargamer

Suggest you also match the screws with inverted ( pressed ) washers too as the screws
should not go directly into the wood. Do not be fobbed off with cup-washers which are
incorrect and ugly.
Try: Woolies Trim
Good luck
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