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Not a complete update but whilst reading their new website I found this interesting.

" At Bristol, we crave integrity of purpose and an unmatched level of engineering perfection. We pursue a mindset that designs and builds our cars with a useful life of many decades in mind. We are the only luxury car manufacturer that remains in private British hands, which ensures us the absolute independence of thought and action that is essential to our purpose.

Despite our small production volume we offer four very distinct models covering a wide range of styles and functions. The Fighter and Blenheim remain our primary offerings, while the Speedster and its new cousin the Roadster, which offers a folding top and two plus two seating, continue - in very small numbers and to special order.

The Series 6 range are not strictly new cars as they are based on an older classic donor car but combine a concours restoration with extensive modifications that incorporate modern electrics and powertrain. Interestingly, although the Series 6 option (using the same technology and running gear as the Blenheim 3) was originally offered only for the 411, we are already producing both 410 and 603 Series 6 variants. We expect it will be only a matter of time before we are asked to build a 412 Series 6 and have indeed been asked to quote recently on a Beaufort Series 6 using a 412 as the base vehicle. Any V8 model can be made into a series 6.

In order to serve the demand for 'as new' versions of classic cars we are currently starting the build of a 405 drop-head with an uprated 6 cylinder engine and with a steel body frame instead of the original wood. This will not only ensure its longevity but ensure that it cannot be confused with a 1950s production version. Likewise we are building our first 405 coupe being an 'as new' uprated car but with stunning 2 door coupe styling and modern upgrades to make it more capable and fun to drive. As always, some of our best ideas come from customer requirements and we are always excited to discuss individually-tailored variants of our products."

Is the 405 Coupe a Silverton or Fraser-Nash idea?
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