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Originally Posted by Kevin H View Post
Each to his own. My view is it's my car and I will do what I want with it.

Fortunately Bristol don't share your opinion either, otherwise the very much modernised S6 wouldn't exist.

As for the chip cutter A/C, it was a bolt on optional extra in the 603 and an ugly one at that. In fact when Bristol started using it all other manufacturers were moving to to integrated air con. The fact that it was still being used in the Blenheim is a disgrace. IMCO
The S6 was classed as a different model to the Classic restorations offered, the S6 being built to Blenheim spec and Classic restorations upgraded if owners wanted but looking standard.

The so called " bolt on" was first fitted to a 409 I beleive and my 411 S4 has the same as the 603 ! They do not cut chips but every now and then a bit of stuff comes through the vents ! Nice and cold though.

I agree that air con is better coming through the main vents but why not go the extra mile and make it work with existing controls ?

I would be concerned about any car report that made a big thing of the climate control ! A warm vest or a window open sorts most issues.

I look at the car

I don't think Bristol cared about what other manufacturers were doing and they outlived most of them by concentrating on what mattered.

Didn't Kate look stunning in that dress ? :-)
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