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Originally Posted by Kevin H View Post
I have, although my 411 didn't have any air to begin with.

My system came from Vintage Air in the US. Their products have moved on a bit in the last 10+ years but if you explore their site you will find they have a universal system for non specific cars Universal Applications.

We ran the gas pipes to the evaporator through the passenger side wing above the spare wheel.

I made the mistake of allowing someone to replace the Sanden compressor with an original Chrysler unit which the Brigand uses. I gather the Sanden unit is much more efficient.

I found that the original engine cooling system became very marginal after installing a condenser in front of the radiator. I would recommend fitting a higher performance radiator at the same time you install the A/C and fit a separate oil cooler.

If the 603 has the same fan set up as the 411 - two fans mounted in a cowl some distance from the radiator - I would suggest replacing this set up with fans mounted directly on onto the condenser. It could be worth buying the condenser locally so you can get one as large as possible to fit within the constraints of the engine bay. Ideally you should also fit a fan on the back of the radiator to pull air through.

The Vintage Air unit will replace the original Smiths heater box and you can do away with that awful "cassette" or "chip cutter" style evaporator slung under the dash because you can push the air through the original air vents. I am also in the process of integrating the A/C controls in the dash, because the original heater controls are now redundant.
I prefer making upgrades that incorporate the original controls rather than making them redundant. It's worth the extra effort to upgrade and keep everything looking as standard IMCO. I even have the "chip cutter " air con working well, updated to modern gas.

Got to think of the next owner ! they may want an original car.
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