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Originally Posted by Ronald G. Stephenson View Post
Glad to see some humor being injected into this thread. Oh, the U.S. of A. had a Joe Lewis. He was a prize fighter. Maybe the name Fighter came from that? Perhaps not..........
Right, we did...His name was Joseph Louis Barrow, who fought under the name of Joe Louis. More than a fighter, he was the world's heavyweight champion. After wining the title by knocking out Germany's Max Schmeling in the first round, he served in the US Army in WWII.

And, it's my understanding that the former Silverton FIL, Joe Lewis, spends much of his time in the US, in FL, as well.

I suspect most of us think the "Fighter" appellation derived from the Bristol aircraft heritage...though they mostly made bombers for WWII, they did make some fighter models for WWI, I believe, such as the BrisFit.

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