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Originally Posted by legavroche View Post
Ronald, curiously my 383 maintains 50 pounds of pressure from start up through to normal operating temperature, any variation is very small! I use 20w50 Valvoline racing oil.
There's definitely something wrong there. Possibly a faulty gauge.

I just looked up the Plymouth 1966 workshop manual which covers all engines - 273, 318, 361, 383 & 426.

Recommended oil pressure is the same for all engines.

Min 20 PSI at 500rpm
45 - 65 lbs at 1000rpm at operating temperature

(the manual actually says lbs, but I presume they mean PSI)

I suspect the 318 engine referred to is the LA, not the earlier A series engine used in the Bristol 407-410. Not sure how much oil pressure variance there would be between A and LA engines.

Pressure will be higher on new engines, i.e 50 -70 lbs at 1000rpm at operating temp.
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