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Hello Claude,

I have had my share of trouble with carburettors, mainly due to my supreme ignorance on US carburettors (the fact that the mechanic that was working on my car was even less knowledgeable than me didn't help.) I didn't have a particularly good experience with Edelbrocks; i bought one 1403 and one 1405 and they seemed a bit 'large' for my 318. This, on the other hand, could have been a fault of other parts/settings of my engine at the time, so I guess that a rebuilt Edelbrock for $200 might be good for you.

When I bought it, my 409 was fitted with an elderly and quite worn out Carter 3249S, very similar to the original 3131S but not quite the same, so I bought a used 3131S for $100 on eBay with its rebuilding kit ($40). Jim McQuay was right in saying that this kind of stuff is really cheap down there! Before I could have it rebuilt and tested I found a NOS 3131S for...$100 and I bought it, but I broke the engine before it was installed.

When the 318 was rebuilt we decided to fit the NOS 3131S, of course, as I wanted everything to be as new and as original as possible. Before fitting it, mr Gordini decided to check the interior and found that it was NOS all right, but someone in the past had removed the top and put it back without considering the right assembly sequence, so needles bent! No big problem, everything in the kit was put in the 3131S and it runs sweetly as it was intended to. According to my mechanics, who are specialists in US engines, Carters are really very good for these V8s and if can, keep them.



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