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Default Oil pressure on the small block Chrysler engines

Cold pressure will always be nearly 20 pounds higher than the oil at full operating temperature. If, at 2,000 RPM you have 40 pounds of pressure you are just fine, and have no worries, as that is all your V-8 needs to survive a good, long time. If your engine has many miles, say closing in on 100,000, then you may want to consider a 20W50 weight oil, something like Castrol. It will raise your low pressure, as the viscosity when hot will be maintained. If you are seeing low or varying pressure on your gauge, then it may be suspect, and you need to have someone check with a known good, accurate gauge. These engines are not very demanding. Just keep the level up and change it out from time to time, along with the filter. Good luck and happy motoring in one of the finest cars ever made. Ron
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