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Someone will buy some aspect or aspects of Bristol I would imagine, but the company as it stands is a basket case. The Fighter has bombed, they don't appear to have jigs to make any more Blenheims and the series 6 and speedsters are a king's ransom to buy and only really of interest to a tiny number of very wealthy Bristol afficionados. The spares business is pretty small beer really and I hear that they sold most of the hard to get stuff years ago. Add into this the fact that Bristol owners are an ageing bunch, the key staff are well past retirement age and they were operating out of 3 seperate expensive sites and the coffin looks well nailed shut to me.
It was a small miracle that Mr.Crook kept the company going for as long as he did and for that I personally salute him. Toby Silverton was no fool either and risked everything on one last gamble, presumably seeing no other option.
All the same, it'll be interesting to see what emerges from the wreckage as a return to car manufacture will involve an eye wateringly large capital investment with no obvious demand to justify it.
I only hope that the Bristol marque doesn't get too tarnished by these events.
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