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Default BCL

I think whatever the truth is, and it is probably a mixture of factors touched upon, either BCL dies now or will be bought by a wealthy, and good meaning individual, and will die in a few years or wil be purchased by a corporation who view the name and imagine of a luxury car maker will be good for their image, except that the company will be changed forever.

The Fighter was undoubtedly a huge drain on BCL's precarious resources, however without bringing something new to the market BCL would slowly become nothing more than a servicing, restoring and secondhand dealership for its previous models, as building one or two Blenheims a year barely qualifies it as a manufacturer; they spent as much time, if not more on restoring 411s etc.

If I was in a position to buy BCL, very rich and more than slightly insane, then I would scrap everything except the Series 6 range and the Fighter, which needs further development to make sure it remains competative.

The quote "If you want to make a small fortune making cars start with a large furtune" seems to apply.....
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