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Originally Posted by GREG View Post

If I had the administrators report I would have had to sign the NDA and it would be illegal for me to mention anything on the report, such as stock values !!

So by breaking the law you confirm yet again your limited understanding of the real World.

But then again, it seems you love the occasion of being in Court -- enjoy :-)

You should be nice to Eric as he could be the new owner of BCL as that is the best way now for him to avoid an action for breach on the NDA (I am of course assuming that Eric has signed an NDA and got the prospectus from the administrators rather than just making his 'facts' up)

The relevant section of the NDA is

(a) We will not (directly or indirectly) at any time, without your prior written consent, disclose or reveal or permit access to or discuss the Information, in whole or in part, to or with any person other than such of our directors or the Designated Persons who need to know such Information for the express purpose of considering, and advising upon the acquisition of the assets, tangible and or intangible, of the above named concern

Which means you can't reveal the privileged information you have been given or blurt out opinions on the WWW. EVER. Or anywhere else for that matter.
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