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Yes, yes, my thoughts entirely, Bristols look much prettier in the flesh, etc., etc. How nice it might be to have a Roadster and a Speedster, as a sort of pair . . . . .

I have been perusing the Bristol Cars website (wondering how many cars to buy this month, etc.), and I am now confused about the Speedster and the Roadster. Is the Roadster the one with a proper screen and the Speedster the one with the 'Aero' Screen ?? Or is it the other way round ? or is there no longer an 'Aero' screen model ? in which case what defines Speedster and Roadster ?

I see TonyCrooksGhost is communing with us, although I think rumours of his demise may be somewhat exagerated. I wonder if this apparition is in any way related to Edward Clack ??

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