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Not sure about invalid insurance mentioned above in #4 as most garages have trade policies covering everything.

But if DVLA have not been informed of brand-new chassis and body then two linked issues arise.

It cannot retain the Bristol saloon's registration under DVLA's points system.

It cannot retain Bristol saloon's nil-VED status.

DVLA site gives very clear guide :-

"Vehicles that have been rebuilt using a mix of new or used parts.
In order to retain the original registration mark:
cars and car-derived vans must use:
The original unmodified chassis or unaltered bodyshell (i.e. body and chassis as one unit - monocoque); or a new chassis or monocoque bodyshell of the same specification as the original supported by evidence from the dealer or manufacturer (e.g. receipt).

And two other major components from the original vehicle - ie suspension (front & back); steering assembly; axles (both); transmission or engine."

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