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Originally Posted by pasini s View Post

On a brighter note I'm experimenting Audi/VW 16"x6,5 steel wheels as replacement for the 409 16" Dunlops, and I have found a set that might be very, very similar (and straight, something my Dunlops are not anymore).

Stefano, is there a reason you are not looking at the steel or alloy wheels offered by Bristol Cars:

"Wide Steel Wheels:
Allow you to take full advantage of modern radial tyres. Enhances adhesion, handling precision and tyre life. Maintains original style but give a subtly more modern and sporting appearance.

Classic Alloy Wheels
Styled to resemble 1960's alloy wheels so that they compliment older style Bristols. Wider rims suit modern radial tyres for enhanced performance and tyre life.

I ask because I hope to hear from someone who has actually bought them and can give a report on their appearance and performance.

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