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Default 6 cyl Gaskets (head)

Hello Dorien,

well, that Porsche manifold must have had lots of wrong holes in it....
:-)))) but the awesome cost of replacing it is due to the fact that, being
my 911 a Turbo, you have to pull down the whole engine/transmission assembly
to get some access in that zone. Do you think that I did ever imagined to
check if porsche put the right number of layers of copper/aluminum/bronze in
this manifold? noooooo.....

On a brighter note I'm experimenting Audi/VW 16"x6,5 steel wheels as
replacement for the 409 16" Dunlops, and I have found a set that might be
very, very similar (and straight, something my Dunlops are not anymore).
I'll keep you posted about it.

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