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Originally Posted by Rubbond View Post
"Bristol (BLMC)" - whatever that is
This was an error introduced, I understand, by DVLA when their records were computerised many years ago. I think that they did not understand the difference between the various manufacturers of Bristol cars, buses and trucks, and someone there thought that the car company had become part of the conglomerate that was the British Leyland Motor Company. As such many Bristol cars became incorrectly registered as Bristol (BLMC) instead of just Bristol.

If your car is so registered, you can if you wish return your V5 registration document to DVLA with a covering letter simply explaining that it is incorrect and they will issue a new form. There are instructions on the BOC website with details of where to write. I got a new V5 from Swansea a couple of years ago, so my 410 is now a happy Bristol again.

There is no pressing need to change it, as it makes little practical difference to anything, but it is wrong when it says Bristol (BLMC) instead of Bristol.
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