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Originally Posted by Eric Brumenil View Post
Yes of course .... funny to read that all my post are suspected to be fake
I paid @ BCL 166.85 VAT incl ... note this price was for faulty cylinder head gasket if you remember
If I remember right - the gasket wasn't faulty. It just needed adapting for your engine by drilling another hole. ? They had not informed you about that.

Is that correct ?

It seems that the price BCL charged was competitive but should have had more instructions if an amateur was fitting it. It seems they made the mistake of assuming a professional mechanic would be fitting the gasket and would notice that it needed a slight modification.

Always wrong to assume.

I don't mind tackling most mechanical jobs, but things like head gaskets I leave to the professionals. Mainly because it's such a ball ache to strip down and do again if it goes wrong ! I have done loads on motorcycles because they are easy to get to and deal with.

Got to know your limits.

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