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Originally Posted by GREG View Post
And this has what to do with cars ? or am I being over sensitive ? ( note two separate words )
Greggy dahlink,

Don't be over sensitive and if you feel overcome may I suggest putting your head between your knees and taking a deep breath. It may be beneficial to do this in one of your five Bristols - may I suggest you position both kneees and face immediately adjacent to the front footwell air vent after first adjusting the temperature and fan controls to a suitable temperature and air velocity. If you are as sensitive as me you might like to apply some Clarins facial moisturiser to avoid windburn which gan give your lips a dreadful chapping.

Changing the subject somewhat, are you going to Rufforth tomorrow? I may go but my Willie wants to stay at home in bed. Prolly with an english language excercise book doing double declentions of his third ablative.

I may see you walking around, clutching my beaver brown Osprey manbag and casting an appraising eye over the stalls with the greasy bike bits and attending rough leather clad biker types.

Take care,

Cass xx
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