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Yes, I think the Vreds are probably the best choice all round :-)

My only gripe is the price for the 185 x 16 that the dealers charge. As far as I know only Vintage Tyres and Longstone Tyres sell them and they seem artificially high and maybe a Cartel. When I had my 408 I was tempted to get the wheels banded to enable the fitting of a more popular / cheaper tyre -- maybe 205x16. The other option was to fit the steel wheels from the full size spare of a modern Mercedes E class ( same pcd up to 410 - I think )

I think at around 200 for five,I would definitely put Taxi tyres on a 6 cylinder and maybe a V8. Depends on how you drive it.

Fit for purpose - is the UK MOT criteria

Glad we could help
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