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Originally Posted by pasini s View Post
I am using 38-39 psi now on my 409....maybe too hard, but this summer is very hot and I have been always told that when temperatures go near 40C it is better to keep the tires a bit overinflated. Or is wrong? Surely the ride is a bit hard....
Hi Stefano,

This doesn't make sense to me for normal everyday use. My understanding is that tyre pressure increases with heat. If your tyre pressure is 39 when cold, add in the heat of a summer's day and some friction from driving and your pressures may end up at 45 psi.

That's probably not a safety issue but it would definitely make for a hard ride.

The only time I have ever run with tyre pressures at around 40 psi is on a track or a road rally. Makes a big difference to handling.

Personally I think you should experiment with the tyre pressures of your V8 Bristol in the 28-32 psi range, see what feels right/best.

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