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Hi Stefano,

I thought that the statement lifted from a U.K. tyre company would finally dispel the myth that Taxi tyres are illegal in the U.K. !! I should have known better.

The Bristol will still pass an MOT with Taxi tyres -- lots of them do. Just to be safe you can inform your insurance company what tyres you have fitted. Does anyone think cross ply tyres are safer than Taxi tyres ?

Taxi tyres are essentially a van tyre (and we all know how fast white vans go ) with a stiffer wall and can easily handle the weight of a Bristol. How much do you think a London cab weighs ? especially with 7 people and luggage.

As Stefano says, his car was purchased with Taxi tyres on and had probably passed the MOT with them on.

I run the tyres on my Taxi at 30 psi, the same as my Bristols.

It's up to you......
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