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Default Tyers for a Bristol 407

I agree with Greg.

My car arrived with 'Austone' tyres usually fitted on cabs. Cheap, sturdy,
the car drove straight but they are not legal (speed rating is very low.)
The 6.00x16 Avons I fitted to replace them were quiet and looked perfect,
but the 409 developed a sudden, unexplainable 'pull' to the right that no
swapping of tires or adjustment of the front suspensions could cure. I
fitted four 185x16 Vredesteins and the 409 now drives straight and has a
better handling, though you might feel a bit more road noise. They look
correct, too.

Perhaps the Pirelli Cinturato and Michelin X would be as good as the
Vredesteins, but I have no proof of that they are much more
I recommend the Vredestein 'Classic Sprint'


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