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I agree with Bellerophon, and from experience. Most insurance companies are very active in trying to deny claims, particularly around non-disclosure and they all want to hammer costs down. Hiscox have an extremely good reputation on claims. The only good practical example I can give you is on my home insurance, when my son smashed a very expensive brand new flat screen TV playing Nintedo Wi Boxing (He thought the closer you stood the better the boxing). I rang Hiscox helpline and told them what had happened (honestly), they asked for the TV model number, looked up the retail price and the full replacement value less excess was in my bank account the following day.

On getting a replacement car to drive during repairs, be careful, they will reclaim some or all of the cost from you if you don't reclaim all the costs from the other side unless your policy explicitly states that you are covered for a like for like replacement car during repairs. Often they only specify 'a car' and you get a Corsa.

On using brokers, the cost is the same whether you use one or go direct generally speaking. If you have a good broker they will help when there is a claim and do know what to do if it goes bent. You also get a second layer of protection as they are regulated by the FSA. Both the insurance company and the broker are required to 'Treat you Fairly'

As Bristol are the best people to repair a Bristol, I wouldn't use anyone that didn't cover OM repairs. Hiscox policy is summarised here but do use a Broker as you get more leverage. As I said in an earlier post, Chris Bishop of A-Plan is very good and they do shop around. I have used them for almost ten years. 01494 510 520. All in all you get what you pay for.

Paul W.
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