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Default Newbie - Considering fulfilling a long am...

The proof of the pudding is when you come to claim. I have been with
Footman James which is now Anon and was unfortunate to have my car damaged by a
third party. The first thing they did was to try and get me to sign up with
a car hire company who wanted to charge 200 gbp a day for a hire car for me
to drive, and also sign a finance agreement so that when you read the
small print you are responsible for all the costs of the repair if the other
side does not pay. But they say if it does go wrong the holding company will
cover you, but there is nothing in writing to say this, and of course they
are not involved unless something goes wrong.

I would suggest that you insure with an insurance company direct that
covers all aspects themselves and not to a broker that farms out the various
covers to different organisations, this is what I will do next time.

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