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Hi Brian,

I would strongly recommend A-Plan as Brokers who specialise in exotica. (Chris Bishop 01494 427900). They have covered my rebuilt 412 with Hiscox on an agreed valuation supplied by BCL (which I can tell you about off forum). The cover is with Hiscox and other than requiring a tracker because of the value they are very easy going. It is insured for business and pleasure with unlimited milage and repairs at BCL rather than Knock 'U' Out Body and Chop Shop where most insurers put you for repairs. I have had a heavily uprated new engine installed recently and they were happy with this and didn't load the premium. It is a little more expensive than Aon but in my experience you get what you pay for and the actual value for money is the same. The AON policy has a lot of small caveats. Hiscox are excellent insurers when it comes to payout time, which is when you need it.

That particular Blenheim 3S is an absolutely fabulous car, I believe it is the first 3S.A very good buy indeed.

Paul W.
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