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Default Cost Effective 2.5l "bristol" Engine

We don't really have to do the imagining on the 2.5Litre engine because Peter Jaye of Jaye engineering is already producing new cylinder heads and tells me that another very well known and well respected firm is or are about to produce new blocks for a 2.5 litre. version of the engine, which his heads will fit with, if memory serves me right, he said minor modifications.
As to second hand engines these are neither as plentiful and certainly nowhere as cheap as the were years ago and while blocks and heads can be repaired and built up it does not get over the fact that the original casting are 50 to 60 years old
and if nothing else weakened by years of use and probable corrosion of waterways etc.
I don't see that producing. a replica engine or even the major parts to build one ether in standard or modified form for cars of the age is a waste of any ones time or effort. If you look at specialists supporting the Rolls Royce and Bentley market the practise is both widespread and well established. and for those of us who like to use. there cars frequently and enjoy their performance to the full the knowledge that people are making these parts, some to a better design that the original components and more able to stand up to modern road conditions is a great comfort.
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